The Next Essential Smoking Accessory

A Multi-Tool For Cannabis

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Scoop Your Cannabis Easier

Pack Your Bowl, Pipe, Or Paper With Less Waste,

Clean Your Grinder. Tray, and Surfaces

Keep Your Hands Free - No Scent or Residue On Your Fingers

The CannaScoop

The cannabis accessory you’ve been waiting for. It’s the first multi-tool of its kind and serves multiple purposes. Clean your tray, packs your bowls, Pipe, or joint. The CannaScoop comes in multiple different styles to add to your collection of Cannabis accessories.


CannaScoop: The Revolutionary Way to Smoke Better, and Waste Less Weed

Say goodbye to wasting your cannabis!

The CannaScoop is a revolutionary new way to pick up your cannabis. It was designed with one simple goal in mind: to make it easier for you to waste less weed.

Let’s face it, smoking weed is fun, but all too often the preparation process can take up a lot of time and energy. And when you do finally get around to smoking it, it can feel like there’s not enough left in your grinder or tray. The CannaScoop solves all these problems by making it easy for you to pick up your cannabis without having to touch it at all and then prepare your next smoking session quickly and efficiently so you can get back out there and enjoy yourself!

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